We’re human-loving, clarity-seeking, culture-shifting creative thought partners here to help you grow, innovate, and make an impact.

What We Do

Brand Identity Design
Package Design
Branded Environments
Promotional Materials
Styling + Art Direction
Brand Manuals


Brand Messaging
Brand Alignment
Brand Research
Experience Mapping
Team Culture
Communication Audit
Brand Activation
Workshops + Training


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We’ll work well together if:

You believe team culture and client happiness are equally critical to your success.

You love a great TED Talk and putting those ideas into action.

You’ve registered 1,000 domain names you haven’t used...yet.

You know that looking, acting, and sounding like everyone else will crush your business soul.

You’re thinking waaaaaaay ahead; you want this thing to last.
You know that “balance” is elusive but prioritizing is powerful.

The Process

Step one:

Step TWO:


We get all up in your business.

We craft a clear brand message and compelling identity.

You share your message with the world.

You’re not the only one that has to LOVE what you’re doing. We want to understand everything. Your history, culture, industry, goals, sacred cows, and most importantly, your heart for the work that you’re doing. That’s what makes us great advocates for your business and your customers.

We help you get absolute clarity about your purpose and why the world needs what you have to offer. Then develop the identity system (logos, colors, patterns, photography, etc.) that makes your message visible to the people you most want to serve.

Designing with your business goals at the forefront means you can hit the ground running. It’s not just pretty creative; it’s your most compelling rallying cry, shouted through a megaphone with utter clarity and confidence.


We love great design. Looooove it.

And we believe your brand is a tool for serious business growth.

Heart + Matter developed from a shared set of values and a clear point of view: business leaders have the power and responsibility to impact lives for the better.

As a women-founded company, we are committed to supporting other female leaders striving for greater impact in their industries, communities, and lives.

We also believe in modeling the better we want to see, so we’re creating a better agency: one that’s more inclusive, sees employees as “whole humans” with value beyond what they can produce, and holds empathy for others in the highest regard.

We believe in better. So do the brands we serve.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to make your acquaintance.