Heart + Matter shapes brands for businesses who are brave enough
to be clear + bold enough to believe in better.

We’re here to help you grow your business + build a platform for change.

Better services, better practices, a better world.

We help you craft a clear message and outstanding visuals that inspire your team and move your audience to action.

Brand Identity Design
Package Design
Branded Environments
Promotional Materials
Styling + Art Direction
Brand Manuals


Brand Messaging
Brand Alignment
Brand Research
Experience Mapping
Team Culture
Communication Audit
Brand Activation
Workshops + Training


Our Services

about erin

about lauren

Strategy Director Erin Braford has a deep passion for clear communication—among team members and to the people you want to serve. Honing her marketing and branding acumen supporting entrepreneurs of all stripes, Heart + Matter is where Erin gets to help visionary leaders inspire and equip others to make an impact and grow their businesses.

Creative Director Lauren Boynton fell in love with strategy during 15+ years designing for international brands like IBM, Kodak, GE, DuPont and Capital One. At Heart + Matter she uses her strategic point of view to help agile organizations flourish, believing that brands can't only be beautiful, they also must be smart, and inspire.

Our Work

clients are saying

“Heart + Matter brings far more to the table than just pretty logos. They deeply care about brand being an expression of why we do what we do, and they want the solutions they put in place to be truly workable and beneficial for the business.”

clients are saying

“I loved the strategy process - it was such a good opportunity to get out of my head and onto paper where I'm going with my business. I loved the clarity that came throughout and Lauren's attention to detail and willingness to work with me even as ideas changed. I am proud of my new brand.”

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